Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday was good too

We both woke up early Saturday morning for a full day. Peter headed off to a church meeting while I went downtown for the Walk for the Homeless 2008. This event raises a lot of money for various organizations working to support the homeless. I met my good friend Jeanette down there for a beautiful walk around the monuments in D.C. We even enjoyed watching many do the electric slide to stay warm while we were waiting for the event to start. I love getting involved in things like this and enjoying the city.

Saturday night (after a million errands and Stake Conference) we gathered with friends and family to watch the BYU vs. UofU football game. Although the end result left me a little disappointed, it was still a great night. It was our friend Cory's Birthday the day before and so we ended our night with a little celebration. Peter and I couldn't decided which kind of cake to make so we made a chocolate cake with 1/3 regular, 1/3 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and 1/3 Junior Mint. It was good!

And I hate to brag again, but check out how much I bought gas for on Saturday! Holla!

Microwave + 12 Dancing Princesses= Best Day EVER

The title of this post may sound dramatic, but I assure it is not. Peter and I purchased a microwave for our place back in May. We had to wait until July for it to come and be installed. On that dreadful day it was revealed to us that the door would not open due to the wall next to the microwave. I was so frustrated, all I wanted to do was have the home perfect for Peter for when he came home. Well we searched for weeks to try and find a different microwave that would fit in the space and still open. But there were none! It really was amazing how there was not one small enough or that opened to the other side or that would open up and still meet building codes. So we finally decided to have someone come in and work on the wall in our kitchen so that we could fit our microwave. Well it took months for him to commit, more months for him to call us back and even more months for him to come and finish it. (Okay, maybe I exaggerated there a little bit.) Well it was finally finished on Thursday and he really did a great job. So Friday, Home Depot came and installed our microwave! It's been months of heating things up in pans and yearning for a microwave of our own. Yahoo for the microwave! Now Peter and I can live the leisurely life we have always dreamed of.
And as if this day could get any better, it did. We went to see the Briar Woods High School rendition of The 12 Dancing Princesses. Yes, my husband attended a play titled, "The 12 Dancing Princesses"! Katie, Peter's little sister was in the show and so of course we wanted to see it. She was the Queen of all the Princesses, oh yeah! She really is so talented and it was so fun to see her on stage all dressed up performing.
Oh yea, then we got some Cold Stone to top it all off. I'm telling you, I'm living THE LIFE.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This past weekend Peter and I took a fun trip out to Colorado. Why go across country for the weekend you ask....well, to see this little boy!
And the BYU Cougars of course!

Peter's brother Tommy, his wife Shayna and their two darling boys live out there. So when we heard that BYU was playing at the Air Force Academy we thought it would be a perfect weekend to see both. On Friday we went to the Air Force Academy to hear Peter's father speak and to see the campus. It was absolutely beautiful and freezing. We even got to see the mess hall where they feed all 4,000 students at one time in about a thirty minute time frame. It was really impressive.

That night we headed back to Denver to spend sometime with the family. They have a gorgeous new home. We don't really get to spend a lot of time with them and so it was really nice to be able to do so.
Then Saturday we headed back to the Air Force Academy to watch the big game. Peter's brother Jeff plays and so of course it was most fun to see him. We were proud fans yelling his name whenever he came near our side of the field.
Here are some signs Peter was fond of.They actually are kind of cool.

Oh, and Mom, this picture is for you. You like my double coverage of the ears?
Thank you Tommy and Shayna for hosting us this weekend. We absolutely loved being able to spend time with you and play with the boys. We can't wait to see you all again soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

College of William and Mary Weekend

This past weekend Peter and I took his darling sister Kim down to Williamsburg to visit the College of William and Mary (WM). You see Peter's sister Kim is an amazing athlete and WM is interested in recruiting her for basketball. They invited her down to watch a practice, tour the campus, and meet with the coach. Well luckily Peter's parents weren't able to take her and so Peter and I happily volunteered.

Williamsburg is absolutely gorgeous with the colonial buildings and the outrageous fall colors. The campus was full of beautiful brick buildings and was very charming. I'll have to admit I felt kind of cool walking around with Kim as she is being recruited, and she's tall and gorgeous.
They gave us free tickets to the WM football game that night and so of course we took them up on it. But first, we went to the famous Peking Chinese Buffet that everyone seems to rave about. And as if we hadn't eaten badly enough, Kim and I had to get cotton candy at the game.
The next morning we attended church at their old ward, walked through Colonial Williamsburg, and then headed to Peking once more. Oh yes we did! Now it seemed like a great idea at the time to visit this most amazing buffet within 12 hours of our previous visit (it's that good!), but I certainly was feeling the pain and disgust the whole rest of the day.

We had a great time chatting together and sleeping in our sleeping bags. Peter and I are so grateful to have family close by and to be able to really be a part of their lives. Thanks for being such a great athlete Kim so we could go on this fun trip. And thanks for being fun and down to earth too.

P.S. I almost forgot one of the great highlights from the weekend, we got gas for this much.... Unbelievable!

Monday, November 10, 2008


This past Halloween my friend from work, Misty, invited Peter and I over to celebrate. She lives in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of D.C. which is known for the great Trick or Treating. Every year her street gets closed down for everyone to go Trick or Treating. It was so fun to sit on her porch with friends and observe all the children and their darling costumes coming by for candy. We had a counter and we had over 1410 kids come. That is not a joke! At one point we had two baskets of candy going and we were using both hands each in order to dish it fast enough.
Then once the kids stopped coming around, the neighbor brought out his stereo system and blared "Thriller". All the adults gathered in the middle of the street for a mini dance party. It was so fun! I hope we get invited to Misty's every year for Halloween.
Misty and Cory (the Hosts)Don't worry, that is not Cory's real hair.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Palm Springs Weekend

Two weekends ago I flew out to San Diego to attend a memorial services for my Uncle Lynn. Some of you may remember me posting about his death back in March. Anyway, my Grandma decided to have his memorial service at his home in Palm Springs and to bury his ashes there. As my Uncle Lynn was very dear to me (as well as my G'ma is) I just had to go, plus a weekend in Palm Springs is hard to pass up.

On Friday we did some shopping and preparing for the service the next day. And my G'parents treated us to a more than delicious dinner at Morton's Steakhouse. Of course we ate lots of junk food, played games and read celebrity magazines. Silly, I know, but we love it and so did my Uncle Lynn. That night as I was in bed on the couch I could here my sister and G'ma giggling in the other room and then my G'ma calls for me to come and play games with her. It was 3 o'clock in the morning, my time and I had been up even later the night before, but she didn't care. She kept insisting that I come play games with them. When I arrived I saw my sister and G'ma with forks in hand and a huge plate of fudge in front of them, giggling like little girls. We played Rummikub until we were all too tired to function. Rummikub is a family favorite!

The next day my siblings and I headed to the Saturday's market. I have so many fond childhood memories of going to this market with my Uncle Lynn and shopping away. See shopping for good deals and buying jewelry were some of my Uncle's favorite things to do. So in memory of him we lived it up!

The memorial service later that day was very special for all of us. We each spoke about what we loved about him and what we can't wait to do with him again. I was reminded of what a truly amazing man he is and all he has done to touch the lives of so many. We buried his ashes under his favorite grapefruit tree in his backyard.

I truly believe that he is happy now. That he is able to be reunited with loved ones who have passed before him. I also believe I will one day get to play rummikub with him again and laugh as he tries to cheat his way to victory. I believe that the relationships we make in this life pass beyond death and that families will be reunited and will be together forever.

Really this whole weekend was an amazing time to celebrate the life of a man we love dearly, but also a celebration of the family relationships we have now.

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition">

For some reason this isn't as funny as I thought it would be except for the fact that Fred Savage is on it. And to be honest I think I look most like him than anyone else on this. Love it!