Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ellie

On Friday night we went to Tiana's (a high school friend of Peter) home to celebrate her daughter, Ellie's 2nd birthday party.We had amazing homemade soup and bread for dinner. Peter was in love because there were several children to play with. Christian (another high school friend's son) was definitely a fan of Peter too.

Saturday we had some friends over from church to watch the BYU vs. SDSU game. Peter's parents were out of town and so what did we do? Have a party at their house and watch the game on their big screen!

Again, I'm lame and don't have enough photos from our weekend.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Hawks is coming

Saturday morning we had a shower for my good friend Corie who is due with her first baby in just a few weeks. We had great food and a fall theme, cinnammon rolls, pumpkin cookies, apples with caramel, etc. Instead of the typical games, we had fun making little headbands and barrettes for her new baby girl. Corie, the mother to be, being creative.
Daniel, the baby boy in attendance, got to try on some of our creations.

Oh, High School

This weekend was full of events that reminded us of the sweet times in high school. Oh, good old high school. Kim and Katie were both nominated for Homecoming Queen this year and we got to enjoy watching them in the spotlight this last weekend. On Friday was the parade around the neighborhood in their fancy cars. It was fun to see the community out and about cheering on the high school students and admiring our Kim and Katie. I even got to ride in the car with Katie and it was so fun to see how much everyone loved her. I especially liked when the Porshe stalled out because we were driving so slow, good time. Then at the game, boy do I love high school football games, they were presented at half time. I was so proud of these girls, as if they were my own. Living near these two and getting to see them grow up and enjoy their high school experience is definitely one of the highlights for Peter and I living here.
On Saturday I went and helped the girls get ready for the dance. I love it when the ask me to help! It's so fun to do their hair and see them all dolled up. They both looked gorgeous and again I was so proud as they walked out the door.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What do you think?

Peter and I have to have our bathroom re-tiled and I'm having a really hard time picking out tile. I love the look of slate stone, but it's not as durable as I want it to be. So I've found tile that has different colors in it that I really liked and they just so happen to make three different kinds of this tile. So I had the idea to mix all three in a random pattern as our tile, thus making it feel more slate-ish. Check out the picture below of the samples we set up in our bathroom. Am I crazy or do you like it? It's not the best picture, I know. And I promise the grey/blue one is not that vibrant in real life.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our weekend

I don't know what my problem is but I just can't seem to remember to take out my camera and take pictures of our weekend. After a long week of boring work and school (for Peter) I was so looking forward to this weekend. Friday night we spent eating pizza and watching the BYU football game at Peter's parents house. It's rough though when the games are night games and are out west. I definitely didn't make it through the entire game before I fell asleep.

My good friend Jeanette from grad school and her husband came in town for the weekend and stayed with us. After catching up in the morning, I headed off to go shopping with Peter's sisters and Mom to get some items for their upcoming Homecoming weekend and just for fun too. It's been so long since I've been shopping and I actually enjoyed it. Saturday night was Jeanette and Wyatt's wedding open house for their friends in D.C. It was on the top level of our friends apartment building and it has beautiful views. I can't wait to have a party of our own there sometime. I need to find a good excuse.

Sunday morning we woke up and made the most delightful breakfast. It's always fun when you have company and have the excuse to make a good breakfast. We made french toast with this apple cinnamon bread from a nearby bakery. It was so good topped with whipped cream and caramel. Yum! Then we had some scrambled eggs with feta, green onions, and paprika. I don't know how I thought up this meal, but I'm a huge fan. I'm pretty sure I used my allotted calories for the entire day on this one meal though.

We spent the afternoon watching conference and lounging around the house. I even took a lovely Sunday nap. Seriously, there are few things better than a Sunday afternoon nap. Peter doesn't get why I love them so much, but I just do. I remember when I was a kid (and teenager) our parents forced us to take a nap on Sundays and if we didn't want to sleep we had to lay in our bed and read a church story or something. Genius, my parents; I'm totally implementing that rule when we have kids!

And now it's back to school and work for the week. Peter has two quizzes this week and then midterms next week so I'm sure it's going to be a fun one!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Had to capture it

Peter on his way to perform his first gyno exam!

(No, Peter is not going into gyno.)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another thing I'm loving these days is Peter's old man chuckle when he watches TV or movies. It's so great.