Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo Shoot Sneak Peak

While in Boise, Peter's cousin, Tara did a photo shoot of the babies. She is an amazing photographer and has some incredible skills getting the babies posing and cooperating. Here are a few of the pictures she took. I'm in love with all of them!

Our First Trip- Part 1

My parents had some time off of work and Peter's busy working, so the kids and I took our first trip together. We headed up to Utah to visit my family. Marianne accompanied us on the plane to make it possible to travel. We had so much stuff it was ridiculous. The kids did great on the plane!

Marianne and JoAnna carrying in all of our stuff.

Ready to Board
My Mom spoiled me the first morning with getting my nails and hair done. It was actually kind of funny because I was super anxious the whole time. I felt like it was just taking TOO long and there had to be something I needed to do. I loved getting pampered though and felt cuter afterwards. We then headed up to Boise to visit Peter's extended family for a few days. We introduced the babies to Grandma and Grandpa's farm, spent time with many aunts, uncles and cousins. The kids were a big hit and I was so proud showing them off to everyone.
 Kennedy loving Carder

 On Friday we came back to Utah and have just been hanging out since. My sister and niece Lucy came into town to play. On Sunday we had a bunch of family and friends over for dinner to meet the babies. Thanks to everyone that came, it was fun to see everyone. Again I didn't take any photos, lame. Yesterday we enjoyed the pool and the kids were exhausted afterwards.

Lucy and Taylor

Ready for their party.

Taylor and Carder

Carder was totally relaxed.

Lucy and the kids on the famous family Bozo pillow.

Carder and Cruz watching the Olympics. GO USA!
Although we are having lots of fun and it's so nice to have so many hands to help, we miss Peter!

Rice Cereal

Since the boys seem to constantly be hungry and are heading their heads up pretty well, we decided to try out rice cereal. Cruz loved it, he would lean in for the bite and got at least half of it in his mouth. Carder was totally confused by it and probably didn't get anything in his mouth. Why is it that parents think it's so fun to watch their kids eat rice cereal for the first time?! We are super nerdy first time parents for sure!


Carder the Farter

4 Months Old and Smiling

The babies have started smiling over the last month or so. We spend lots of our time trying to make them smile. Unfortunately I have not been very successful in getting them to smile for the camera, here are some attempts.

On July 25th they turned 4 months old. The doctor was very happy with their progress.

Taylor is our beautiful girl. She loves looking around and being involve in the party. She's totally content if she can at least sit by you or see the party. She weighs 12 lbs. and 7 ounces. She's super chill and is totally happy. She is super smiley these days and it melts her parents hearts.

Carder is in love with looking out the window and seeing the outdoors. You can put his swing in front of the window and he's a happy boy. That and being on his tummy with his binkie make him very happy. He probably smiles the most out of his siblings and Mommy loves it! He weighs 14 lbs now.

Cruz weighs 15 lbs. now. He is standing, smiling, rolling over from his stomach to back (usually when he's mad), occasionally sucking his thumb, and is very alert. He loves watching sports on TV with his Dad, seriously he'll stop crying for it. He's always scooting on the ground or wiggling his way out of his chairs. He seems to be hungry all of the time and get's very panicky if you don't feed him soon enough or even when you stop half way through a feed to burp him. He's hilarious!

 The are all eating 6 ounces every three hours during the day. The boys are sleeping from 7 or 8pm to 2 or 3am, and then again to 6 or 7am. Taylor is the champion and has started sleeping through the night (12 or 13 hours). Life has become a lot more manageable over the last month. We love these babies so much and are continually amazed that they are ours.

Sunday Best

I love taking pictures of the babies in their Sunday dress. Even though getting these babies to church is a major work out (timing their feeds, bathing, changing, putting them in the car, loading them on the stroller), seeing them so cute makes it much better. Staying at church and trying to keep them quiet is an entirely different work out, and they're not even talking or moving around yet!

Sleeping Babies

I don't know what it is, but there is nothing cuter than sleeping babies.

Mr. Carder

  The boys fell asleep with their Daddy watching Sports Center on ESPN.

Oh brothers!

Peter and Cruz love to nap together.

All three babes with their cute buns!

Cruz Matuz


We've taken the babies swimming a couple of times this summer and they love it. There is a pool on Randolph Air Force Base that we go to at home. It's so nice to get out in the sun. Taylor has been a little timid in the water, Carder is totally calm, and Cruz is in love with it. He throws his body back and wants to lay in the water like he's floating. It's so cute! Aunt Kim and Aunt Marianne have visited us this summer (and helped me survive), so it's been possible to go to the pool and play. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kathy have even come with us too. 

Taylor with Uncle Jeff

 Cruz with Uncle Jeff

 Carder with Aunt Kim

3 Months Old

On June 25th the babies turned 3 months old. They have become very inquisitive. They love to look out the window or at the fan. Cruz has started to find his thumb. The boys are getting better and better at holding their heads up, Taylor not as much. The boys are truly in love with laying on their tummies, Taylor not so much. They still can't hold their binkies in, I'm anxiously awaiting that day. They have changed so much in the first 3 months, it's so fun to watch them grow.

Taylor Kay



The Babies

I am very behind on blogging, so I'm going to try and catch up. We arrived to our new house in Texas and have settled in. Soon after we got there my Mom came to visit and help finish all of the projects around the house. We celebrated Peter's first Father's Day with cute "I love Dad" shirts and grilled steaks. Here are a bunch of random pictures for you to enjoy, including the boys first experience with the Bumbo chairs!

 Carder for his Bumbo

 Taylor in her beautiful dress from Aunt Melanie and Uncle John.

 Happy Father's Day Daddy!

 "I was born Awesome"
 Cruz practicing his standing.

 Cruz takes being a Cougar fan very seriously!

 Taylor and Grandma Green
 Cruz found his thumb.