Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recent Photos

I do realize that all I really do is post pictures and talk about my babies on this blog. To be honest, my life is pretty consumed by these three and we love it! So here are some pictures of the babies over the last few months. The kids are now 10 months old and getting more and more fun. They are crawling, pulling up on things, clicking their tongues, and giggling so much. My favorite thing is that in the morning they talk and laugh together when they wake up. I can't tell you how much I love being woken up by giggling babies (it's much better than SCREAMING!).

Carder loving his brother
Sometimes Taylor gets crazy, especially when we're on Facetime with family, so we have to contain her so she doesn't knock down the ipad the whole time.
Cruz sneaking some left over Cheerios off the floor.
Carder got some breakfast on his face. Whoops! We're  amateurs, what can I say.
Cruz, Carder, and Tay
Big Boy Cuz Cuz
He weighed in at 25 lbs. at his 9 month appointment!
Taylor in her Sunday Best
He's got some crazy hair. It's honestly hard to control, no matter what you do.
The boys enjoying being in the outdoors (trying to play with the ipad). Yes, we  spent some time outside in  the middle of January. Texas is a great place in the winter.
Dad and Cruz studying Hematology together
Taylor thought she was so funny this day. She would put the pillow on  Peter's face, then lay her head down and giggle. She kept repeating it and she thought she was really funny. Obviously I did too because I had to take a picture.
typical Tay Tay face
Cruz just loves his sister so much that he just wants to be near her always. Even though he's about to be crushed by her.
Our downstairs main living areas is all tile. We have an area rug in the family room but it's really hard to keep all three of them on it and not crawling all over the tile, so we got walkers and it's a huge hit. Plus it's good for them to start trying to walk. They are hilarious in these things. They run all around (literally run), smiling and playing bumper cars.
You've got to see it!
Daddy with his boys
Taylor in her cute dress. I can't get over how cute she was this day (well all days  actually).
She just couldn't quite make it all the way through breakfast one morning.
just chillin
Carder in Daddy's glasses
We love Cheerios!
I realize I'm in big trouble now that they are wanting to pull themselves up in their cribs.
juggling three kids right before bedtime

Happy Birthday Peter

In January we celebrated Peter's birthday. It was fun to be able to share it with the babies. They were really excited to hear the singing and see the candles. We had a low key birthday at home with our little family. We celebrated with Jeff and Kathy a few days later and I made Katsu Don and Martabak Manis. Yeah, I'm fancy!

watching Daddy

We love our Peter very much. He works so hard all day and then comes home and works and plays with us all night.

More Wedding and Christmas Pictures

Here are some more pictures of our time in Utah.

going to Temple with Kim

Andrew and Kim

Brad and Marianne

Katie and Jeff

Cruzer being eaten by his winter coat

Cute little Carder


Karee and Cruz fell asleep together for a little nap

Papa with babies on day we left to come home