Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Basketball with Dad

At the YMCA on Saturday, Peter took the kids into the gym to play basketball. The balls were so big for them, but they loved picking them up and trying to throw them towards the basket. Usually the balls ended up over their heads. I couldn't resist taking pictures though. I hope to have many more pictures like these over the years.

Then on Sunday after naps, Peter moved their basketball hoop so they could reach it and the kids spend so much time shooting hoops that day. They never got sick of it!

Halloween and G'ma Green's visit

Just a few days after the Bells left, G'ma Green came to visit. She was able to spend Halloween with us which was really fun. We did take the kids to a few houses to trick or treat, they really started to get the hang out it. I think their favorite part was sitting outside in the driveway handing out candy to the other kids. And enjoying some candy themselves while they did it. They really only got scared a couple of times from the costumes, I was surprised it wasn't more because there were definitely some scary ones. 
Our beautiful fairy

Tay was enchanted by all the costumes and sat in the wagon most of the night. So not like her! 

Candy and Tutus!

After breakfast one morning we weren't fast enough tying the chairs back up and the boys climbed on the table before we knew it!

Taylor got her first tiara (thanks 50% bin at Target). Minutes after this cute photo one of her brothers sat on it and broke it. Typical brothers! She'll have to get used to that unfortunately.

Kids playing the piano at Church

Singing Old McDonald with G'ma
Again, I have more photos on my camera. Thanks for visiting Mom, it's so nice to spend time with you.

Ivan's Birthday and visit from G'pa and G'ma Bell

In October G'pa and G'ma Bell came to visit to celebrate Ivan's Birthday. We had to show them the new pool first thing.

For Ivan's Birthday Aunt Kathy brought over balls to put in the little plastic pool in our backyard. The kids loved playing in them and rolling all around. We were so happy to get to celebrate with Ivan on his big day.

the Birthday Boy

kick in the face

2 seconds later, she couldn't be happier.

The kids are obsessed with reading their books. Unfortunately, books cause a lot of fights in our house.

Taylor and I escaped for a date while G'ma watched the kids. We shared an ice cream cone and she was one happy girl.

G'ma Bell revamped some of the toy baskets. She added cute fabric and those cute little animals. She's so creative and we are so lucky she is willing to help me because I don't have the skills for that kind of stuff.
 Our church had a Trunk or Treat Party, the boys were BYU football players and Taylor a fairy. I didn't get the best pictures unfortunately.

Just a cute picture of my Cruzer I couldn't resist posting!

We had a fun time visiting with everyone and are so grateful they came to visit us. I have lots more pictures on my camera and in my email, but will have to post those another time (when I have more time:))

What we've been up to

Kids love climbing everything! They get so proud of themselves and clap or pat their bellies when they've climbed on top of something. I love it!  They are really into climbing on the ottomans and then jumping onto the couch.

They are in love with Legos!

They saw their Daddy pull up. Isn't that the cutest picture?!

The kids turned 18 months old! To celebrate we let them try some ice cream. 


Cruz thought he would use his hand to feed himself the ice cream and ended up screaming for help because it was so cold.

Our friend gave the kids a horse to ride and Taylor is in love

The pool finally opened in our neighborhood in September. It has a cool splashpad area that the kids love!

Cruz chilin in his pajamas and sunglasses.

funny Tay face

Carder loving the swing

Cruz watching General Conference

Taylor and Carder watching General Conference

My sweet Taylor Kay

Pei Wei

Cruz loving his fortune cookie

got to love baskets and boxes

Cruz hanging out on the couch like a big kid.