Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mel Hutchins is my Grandpa

In February I was able to spend an unforgettable weekend in Utah. BYU retired the basketball jersey of my Grandpa, Mel Hutchins. He's kind of a big deal! He played in the early 1950's and helped lead the Cougars to their first national title. He then went on to have a successful career in the NBA. He still holds records at BYU and in the NBA; how cool is that?! Peter's Mom came to watch the kids so I could go celebrate this huge accomplishment with my family. Every child of my Grandpa's and every grandchild was there to celebrate this occasion with him and it was truly amazing. I felt very proud to be his granddaughter and so very proud to be a part of such an amazing and supportive family. We all have so much going on these days, it's been so long since we've all been together.

My G'pa is a very talented man, very humble, and so funny. We lived near him most of my life so I've been so lucky to be able to hear his stories and learn from him over the years.

walking to the center of the court
Hutchin's Jersey
I can't wait to take our kids their someday to show them his jersey hanging in the Marriott Center.
Is he?
We had these shirts made for all the grandchildren that said "Mel Hutchins is my Grandpa"
G'pa signing autographs
G'pa with all of his kids
The night before the celebrations at BYU all the cousins went bowling, had shakes at Dairy Keen, and had a CSO (cousin sleep over). CSO's are a long standing tradition on this side of the family, it was so fun to be able to just relax and enjoy the evening with my family. 
Danny and Ray

Fashion show with clothes from dress up closet
my nephew Connor and niece Lucy
my nephew Brendan

 Oh yeah, the morning before the BYU celebration my Uncle John and I did the polar bear plunge into Deer Creek Lake, it was so fun...... and cold. So invigorating though, I loved it!

Although the babes didn't get to go, they gave G'pa a little shout out with this photo.

We missed you G'ma!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Triplet's 1st Birthday

We were lucky enough to be able to take a family vacation over the kids birthday week, which meant we got to spend their birthday with some family. G'ma Bell did so much to make this a great party. We're so grateful for all of her work, it was absolutely adorable! There was no way I would have been able to do anything like this myself. Thanks so much for everyone who came to spend time with us and celebrate the babies birthday. We had the best day (I'm sure the babes did too)! There are so many pictures I had a hard time narrowing it down. So yes, this is me narrowing it down, A LOT!
Cute Cruzer

G'pa Bell, Peter and Tay

cute decorations and yummy dessert table

Peter's cousin Codi came with her daughter, Amelie to celebrate

I don't know what face Cruz is making but I couldn't resist putting this in.

My Carder

Happy Taylor Cakers

enjoying their first goldfish crackers

My Aunt Beth and Carder

Opening presents, there were so many. Aunt Marianne and Uncle Brad came to celebrate and play with us all week!

My Aunt Beth, Cousin Ashley and her kids live nearby and came to celebrate

Cousin Lucy helping with presents. The kids got so much stuff, thank you everyone!

cool sunglasses for the beach

cutest face ever

Aunt Katie surprised us and came too!

enjoying the presents

Happy Birthday

Taylor was very tentative at first

Carder attacked the cake!

Cruz obviously enjoyed it too!

Aunt Heather and Cruzer

Me and my Babes


playing before bed

Cruz William

Cruz is 1 year old. He is starting to look more and more like a boy these days; and acting like one too:
-         Cruz is our walker. He is taking off on his own. He doesn’t get very far yet, but he’s really good at catching his balance when he starts to lean. He’s got skills!
-         Cruz has also converted to the regular crawl just recently.
-         He loves the ipad and cell phone more than any toy. Although he does love any type of ball. He smiles so big when he gets to play with the ipad and usually sticks his head against the screen to look at himself (I guess).
-         Cruz could eat all day long if you let him. I think his favorites are green beans and Cheerios that he can feed himself.
-         This boy is Mr. Squirmy when you try to change his diaper.
-         He gets very proud of himself when he walks or pulls up on something. The look on his face is the cutest thing when he does this.
-         Cruz just started clapping
-         He isn’t really a cuddler (he’s way to busy playing), but you can easily tell when he’s tired because he kind of stops playing and sits there.
-         Cruz is really heavy and is barely fitting into his 18 month clothes. He’s got a thick chest and solid tree trunks for legs.
-         He finally got how to use the sippy cup and loves to drink.
-         When he’s in his walker he runs everywhere. I serious think he’s going to start running for real on me any day.
-         Cruz has 6 teeth and when he smiles he shows them off! He also loves to brush his teeth and gets excited when he gets ahold of his toothbrush.
-         Cruz can say “Mom” and “Dad Dad” too, but doesn’t really care to.
-         He still loves his binkie! And screams in a high pitched girly tone when he looses it over the side of the crib because he’s standing up trying to chat with brother and sister.

1 year appointment stats:
Height: 29.8 inches
Weight: 26 lbs. 1 oz.
Head Circumference: 19.8 inches

There is just so much to say about how much we love this boy. He is busy, busy and the cutest little boy while he’s doing it. 

Carder Thomas

Carder turned 1 year old on March 25, 2013. He is growing up so fast:
-         Carder still has the cutest little smile and most contagious laugh. He is so easy to tickle and we cannot get enough of his laugh.
-         Carder is our grinner and charmer. He is always giving the eyes and turn his head to the side to all the ladies. And he likes to give a big cheesy smile face too. Too funny!
-         Carder loves his food and still get panicky when it doesn’t come fast enough. I think his favorites are squash and feeding himself puff puffs. He’s showing less and less interest in baby food.
-         Carder is standing and sitting up well. He hasn’t shown much interest walking yet, but thinks it’s pretty funny when Cruz does.
-         He is a very happy, chill baby.
-         He has this thing where when he gets excited about something he sticks out his lips, clenches his fists and shakes. I wish I could describe it better, it’s hilarious.
-         His favorite thing to do is stand around the bouncers and play with the balls.
-         Lately Carder has been crawling up to us, wanting you to pick him up, then he sucks on his two fingers and cuddles with you. It’s pretty cute and we love it!
-         Carder has 7 teeth and loves brushing them.
-         He’s a clapper and is very proud of himself.
-         My boy still has his army crawl, but is crazy fast with that crawl.
-         This boy is a great napper.
-         Carder is constantly making faces and trying out new ones, it keeps us entertained for sure.
-         Carder says the occasional “Dad Dad”, but that’s about it. I can’t wait to hear what he’s thinking.
-         This boy can down a bottle like no other. It’s ridiculous how fast he is.

1 year appointment stats:
Height: 29.61 inches
Weight: 25 lbs. 1oz.
Head Circumference: 19.49 inches

This boy melts our hearts and makes us laugh all of the time. We love him so much!

Taylor Kay

Taylor is 1 year old! Here are a few things she’s up to and a few things we love about her:
-         She loves to roll her tongue, does it all day long.
-         She is standing up and maneuvering all over the place. She has not started walking on her own yet, probably due to the fact that she is on her tip toes almost always when she is standing.
-         When Taylor crawls or walks towards you with her walker, she has her eyebrows raised and a giant smile on her face. Always! She can’t seem to do it without the grin.
-         She has given up her special army crawl/swim stroke for a normal crawl.
-         Is eating everything we give her, she loves feeding herself bananas and can shove the Cheerios in her mouth as good as anybody.
-         Miss Tay has 8 teeth.
-         She knows patty cake and starts to do the movements when you say the words. She’s got the cutest roll ever!
-         Anytime you say “yay” she starts to clap
-         Her favorite toy is probably her new mini kitchen toy or her walker that sings songs and stuff.
-         Taylor is definitely the party girl, she likes to chat at night with her brothers when they go to bed, and she likes to wake them up when she’s up in the morning.
-         It’s pretty funny, but she tries to cry or whine when her brothers touch her, like it’s a total inconvenience.
-         She’s starting to copy what you do.
-         Still no big talking, just random “Mom” and “Dad Dad”.
-         To show love, Taylor will come up to you, put her head on your chest, and then a second later be diving off you to get to something else. I love that second though!
-         She giggles often, especially when you dance with her, tickle under her ribs, and lean her back like she’s going to fall of your lap.
-         Tayz is just starting to wave bye to people, but she’s very selective with who and when she’ll do it.
-         Taylor is obsessed with sucking on the corners of her blankets. When she wakes up it’s soaking wet!

1 year appointment stats:
Height: 28.19 inches
Weight: 21 lbs. 3 oz.
Head Circumference: 19 1/4 inches

I could go on and on about this girl. She is absolutely hilarious and we adore every single thing about her.