Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Hanging Out

getting a ride from daddy


climbing the new diaper stash

they love climbing anything and together too, which makes it tricky form mommy

Tay's ready for College Football Saturdays

Go Cougars!

the boys just lounging around



again with the climbing!!!! every time I turn around they are up on something new

cute BYU shirts from Aunt Marianne and Uncle Brad


Tay wearing her first pair of Vans

had to tie the chairs up so they won't climb on the kitchen table. can't tell you how many times i pulled them off the table last Saturday alone. 

enjoying the park on a rainy day

my happy boy

Kiddie Park

A local kiddie park had a sale one day on all of their rides so we took the kids for their first carnival type rides. I was nervous they might be too little for them, but they seemed to enjoy them. As they went around the circle we would wave at them and they would smile. Cruz would look at us and try not to smile too big. They held onto the horsies on the carousal the whole time. It was dreadful hot that day though, and now that I'm looking at the pictures you can see how hot the kids were. Ha ha. They still loved watching everyone though and having some cotton candy.

visiting the Hess girls

The kids and I were feeling adventurous this summer and took a trip to visit my sister and her family. It was so fun to spend time with them and just hang out. It's been a long time since we've just been able to hang out and be together because there is always so much going on and everyone has different schedules. While I didn't absolutely love flying with three 1 years old by myself, I do love my sister and nieces very much, so it was so worth it. When I arrived in Sacramento I told my sister I hope she knows just how much I love her. ha ha. I loved having Lucy as my right hand gal all week. She was an amazing helper and my kids adore her. Carder loved to cuddle with her, Taylor was in love with all her purses and necklaces, and whenever Lucy was in a bad mood, Cruz would climb on top of her and try to play with her. I also got to see Halie cheer, take her to volleyball, and meet some of her friends. She just started high school so she'll soon be way too cool for me.

 I love you girls so much!
We got to celebrate Heather's birthday

reading Lucy's books

helping Heather clean

Auntie gave them their first sucker, they loved it!

The Holmes stopped by on their way to Tahoe, so fun to see them.

Elle and Carder

Ray and Tay

Carder trying to cuddle with Lucy

kids played with Lucy in the ball pit


Carder with his manly chest

second sucker from Aunt Heather



playing with the dog. kids loved it and were a little scared at the same time.

G'parents visit for 4th of July

I'm way behind on posts (how do people find the time?), but I'll do my best to catch up. Over 4th of July my parents came to visit us. It was so fun to have them around to play with. We enjoyed lots of time at the pool, the various splash pads, and having popsicles. I love having my parents around and seeing how excited my kids get to play with them. It's really nice to have a couple extra set of hands also.
baby pool with Nam Nam

crazy bedhead morning

breakfast with Papa

playing in the pool and slip n slide with clothes on

getting a ride from Dad

Carder testing it out

not many things make Peter happier than a good slip n slide

Carder Boy at the splashpad