Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Wedding Day

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing and wonderful our wedding day was. Peter and I got married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 21, 2008. It was a perfect day! I got to marry the man I love! The ceremony was so intimate and so special I can't even describe it. The peace and the spirit I felt in that room was so powerful and wonderful that I don't think I will ever forget it. As I looked at Peter and then looked around at all my family I thought to myself, how can life get any better? The entire day I was numb with how happy I was and how strong I felt God's presence.
That night we had a reception at a family friends house up the canyon in Midway, UT. It was the perfect night for a backyard reception. And those we love so much were there supporting us and celebrating with us. It was so great to see everyone. I have to say, I don't know if I've ever felt more loved and more beautiful than I did on that day.
I want to thank our families for making our wedding and the entire day unbelievable. I know so many of you worked so hard and made great sacrifices for us and we truly appreciate it. Peter and I are so happy to be able to share our lives together. Whenever I stop and think about the fact that Peter and I got married I get giddy and emotional. I truly feel so lucky!

To see more pictures, you can go to our amazing photographer's website to check them out. (Thanks Tara and Amber!)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The week before the BIG DAY

Peter and I were able to spend the week before the wedding in Utah with my family and it was so great. Not only was it great because my brother was finally home and we got to play with him, but we did so many fun things and were able to spend so much time together and with loved ones that kept coming in town for the occasions.

Somethings we did while in Utah:
- Went waterskiing.

- Ate lots of Dairy Keen and Snow Shack shaved ice.

- Played lots of tennis. I'm really bad, but it was still fun.

- Ate at the favorite Taraumahra restaurant in town.

- Weeded the home where we had the reception.

- The Thursday before the wedding my Sister, Mom, Grandma Hutchins, Aunt Dana, Cousin Britt and I had a day at the spa. It was amazing! We got massages, pedicures and facials. I was so pampered and it was so fun to hang out with some of my most favorite people.

- On Friday, Halie, Lucy and I went to get our nails done for the wedding. It was so fun to have a special little outing with my nieces. I adore them and am just so happy when I am with them. They loved the special attention on their nails and especially the wax treatment on their hands. They couldn't get over how cool it was and it was hilarious.

- Also on Friday we did a little pre-wedding luncheon with both of our families. We ate at yummy Tuscanos. It was so great to have our families get together and get to know one another. Of course our parents felt the need to share funny/embarrassing stories about the two of us when we were younger. Both of our fathers shared toasts and they were both so sweet. It's great to hear how much you are loved and how much those we love believe in Peter and I. Peter's family even made a cute slide show on pictures of the two of us growing up and then together. I am so glad they did! I've been telling my family about Peter's cute modeling pictures and finally they got to see them. (If I were really cool, I'd post the slide show. I'm not really sure how to do that though.) I want to thank Peter's family for putting on such a great luncheon. It meant so much to the two of us to have our families together and it kicked off the perfect weekend. - That night Peter and I split up to be with our families to celebrate. Peter and all of his extended family met at the hotel where they stayed and played all night together. My family and extended family all went up to Midway and set up for the reception and then had a magic show put on for us. Holly and Jack Zenger are great friends of our parents and they allowed us to have the reception in their PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL backyard for the reception. Jack also happens to be quite good at magic. So after we all set up he put on a special show for us. I'm so grateful for all my family members that came out for the wedding. It was so important to me to have all of our extended families there to celebrate and they were! It was so so great. Thanks everyone!

A lot has happened

Unfortunately I will not be able to blog all 101 things that have happened in the last month, it'll probably have to be in stages.

First of all, Peter and I flew out to Utah on June 11 to welcome my brother home from his mission. It was so great to see him. I found myself about to burst because I was just so happy and so proud of the work he has done. Here are a few pictures from the day he arrived.

It was wonderful to be able to spend some time with him and learn what he did, who he met, look at his pictures, and feel the transformation he has made. My brother has always been spiritually mature, but he has continued to grow over the last two years and is quite the young man. His honesty and desire makes me want to be better. I want to be like him. I want to have that same focus I did when I got home from my mission. Being around Josh allows me to evaluate what I need to do to be that same (or better) spiritual person I once was.

I'm grateful for missionaries (and returned missionaries) that make all of us better.