Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bike Rides

We recently go a bike for me and a seat and trailer for the kids so we can start going on bike rides together. I probably look crazy to people, but we love it. It's fun to get out and enjoy the sun. I'm hoping this will help me get in a little better shape, because my legs are burning by the time we get to the end of the street. It's hard work biking around pulling three babies and a trailer!

The Park

Our kids are getting to the age where we can start taking them to different places for them to explore and enjoy. A few weeks ago on Peter's day off we went to the park. They were a little hesitant to walk around on the grass and there was no evidence of any enjoyment or displeasure on the slide. They did, however, love the swings!

It was fun to enjoy the day together as a family and explore something new for the babes.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting through the 1st year

Every time I meet someone with multiples they say the first year is the hardest, so when my babes turned one in March I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. I wanted to scream out loud, "We did it!" We made it through the first year! Everyone is alive, we have 3 healthy babies, our house is still standing, Peter and I still like each other, and I haven't had to be admitted to a mental institution (yet). To be honest I felt a sense of relief and a great deal of gratitude for a loving God who not only blessed me with the 3 cutest babies in my world, but also gave me the strength and support I've needed this last year. My physical recovery was not easy, I've had to learn how to be a mom, we've moved across the country away from our support group, I've had to adjust to my new body and not working, Peter has had to work a great deal, and having 3 babies at one time is hard. We have been given strength when we didn't know we had anymore. Now this doesn't mean that I still don't ask myself some days, "How did He think I could do this?" because I do.

We've also been blessed with wonderful family members who have sacrificed time and money to help us. We truly have been strengthened by so many. Peter has been my biggest cheerleader during this time, even when I felt like I was failing. I was very emotional on the day of the babies birthday thinking of all that has happened over the last year. I know it's still going to be hard at times, but I can always look at my little family  and be proud of how far we've come. Taylor, Carder, and Cruz have been the greatest kids. They eat and sleep well, they play together, they give us loves, and they could not possibly be any cuter. We love them and are so proud to be their parents. Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged us along our adventures of starting our family.