Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loving Dayton, Ohio

We have moved on to our next rotation, in Dayton, Ohio. We are absolutely loving the area. It is so green everywhere it's unbelievable. The Air Force base here offers lots of fun too. There are trees everywhere, beautiful brick buildings and lots of activities. We have been to the driving range, checked out free bikes, played racquetball, swam in the pool, and Peter is teaching me to golf. One night we went with some friends to Young's Dairy for some ice cream and fun. After having some great ice cream and friend cheese curd, we hit up the batting cages, petting zoo, and driving range. It was such a beautiful night and such a charming little place.
Peter and I both are so in love with this area. There seems to be a lot to do around here and it's just gorgeous. Plus the people are unbelievably nice. Everywhere we have gone people are smiling and so friendly. We went to church here on Sunday and we were greeted by so many friendly people. I was so touched by the people and the strong spirit of Christ that was in that building.
We will keep you updated on all our fun while we are here.

Our last days in San Antonio

Our time in San Antonio is finished (until January), but before we left we made sure to have some fun. One night Peter and I went to a free concert downtown. The concert wasn't that cool, but the venue was awesome. It was an old railroad station that has been redone. While we were there we realized that Alamo Dome was right where we were. As we walked around we noticed that the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp was there. So the next day we went back to check them out. Unfortunately, it was a walk through, so we didn't get to see too much action.
The night before we left our beloved San Antonio, we went with the Hawks to take the riverwalk boat tour. It was fun to be outside and get to see the whole riverwalk via boat. We will miss our time in San Antonio and especially our friends we got to spend our time with there.