Monday, August 31, 2009

Guess where I am?

Yep, Reno, Nevada. I'm out here for work for the week. I remember seeing this sign when I was younger and thinking it was so cool.

Lucky for me I was able to sneak some fun into this trip. I spent this last weekend with my sister in Sacramento. It was so fun to get to spend some time with her and her girls. I miss my nieces so much when I'm not with them. They are full of personality and are growing up so fast. We went to lots of fun restaurants, talked, watched movies, and all of that fun stuff. My sister and I spent Friday afternoon catching two flicks and the theater. We saw Time Travelers Wife and 500 Days of Summer. Both were really good movies, but they were sad. Saturday we spent the day at the local water park and it was super fun. I had not been to a water park in years. The pictures below are a few we took this weekend of me and my nieces. Sad, no pictures of my sister.

Yes, Halie and I bought the same shirt and were twinners at church. Lucy got this new outfit too, her shirt says, "Don't stop the Hip Hop" Love it!

It all started with Stevie Wonder- Europe Trip Part 1

I arrived at the airport on August 14, 2009 and who did I see, Stevie Wonder. He was right in front of us as we pulled up. Before I could take a picture or introduce myself he was off. It was a great way to start my trip though. I took off to meet Peter in Germany for a romantic, fun filled week. There is so much to share about our trip,but I'll do my best.

Day 1:
I arrived the morning of August 15th and it was so good to see Peter after him being gone for two weeks. We road into Frankfurt and decided to catch the local flee market nearby. When we arrived we quickly realized this wasn't exactly what we had hoped it would be. Instead of great local foods and souvenir type items, people were selling used clothes, vacuum parts, little toys, and African masks. It was a strange collection of different items, but it was interesting to see at least and to people watch. It was totally packed too. We walked around the Sachsenhausen neighborhood, peeked into one of the local churches and then headed back to the hotel to get some rest. That night we walked to the center of town and had dinner at a darling little cafe in the middle of the town square, Hauptwache. I loved sitting there and watching everyone walk by, trying to figure out where they were from and what their story was. After some yummy schnitzel and ice cream we headed home for the evening.

Day 2:
We went to church at the local ward in Frankfurt before heading out to see some more of the city. We then took our own little walking tour to catch all that we could in the city. Here is what we saw:

Hauptwache, which is the center of a town square now, but once was a prison. They have turned it into a cute little cafe, as they do will lots of old buildings in Frankfurt.
Eschenbeimer, this is the only remaining tower that exists that was once a part of the wall guarding the city of Frankfurt.Bethmann Park, local park in the middle of the city. Frankfurt is a very cool city in that there is such a mix of old and new, ugly and beautiful all mixed together throughout the city.

Romerberg, is a darling part of town with old architecture, looks like an old European village in stories. I loved the buildings and the cafes. This part of town is full with tourists, musicians trying to make some change, and souvenir shops. Oh, and I can't forget about the amazing cheese pretzel we got! There is lots of cheese in this part of the world and Peter was loving it.

Paulsplatz, this is an old church in town which was also used for a time for government related issues. The constitution of Germany was created in this building. Alte Oper, is the old opera house. This building is gorgeous! They happened to be having a little fair just in front of it so we spent some time watching the people. There were tons of children in the fountains, playing games, and riding rides throughout the area. We even got ourselves some more schnitzel and a yummy Nutella crepe. Day 3:
This day was a funny day. We tried to go to one of the Jewish museums in the city, apparently it is closed on Mondays. We then tried to go out to the city of Saalsburg to see the ancient Roman city, but after taking the subway out of town, we learned that the bus doesn't come on Mondays. Lame.

So instead we went to the Goethe Haus. It's the home of the famous German writer. It was a gorgeous home and so interesting to see what the wealthy in the city would have lived like.
We saw this gorgeous church in the middle of the city. It kind of looks like a sand castle from the outside. You know the look when you take wet sand and drizzle it on top of your castle? That's how it looked from the outside. The inside was huge and very ornately decorated.
The rest of the night was spent shopping for souvenirs and walking around. We had the most amazing Asian food at a little restaurant we walked by and then finished our night off with some good, creamy ice cream. I'm beginning to think that we ate alot because I've mentioned it a lot. Haha.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry I've been out of blog world for a little while now. We have been super busy the last month and things are just starting to slow down. Peter and I took an amazing trip to Germany and the Netherlands. I will have to post about our trip soon. It just seems like it's going to be a long post and so I've got to find the time. Peter started school again on Monday and so we hope to be back in the swing of things soon.