Friday, February 20, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Randoms

- Peter and I had a great Valentines Day. We went to see He's Just Not That Into You, which didn't turn out to be the fun, light hearted, lovey dovey chick flick I was hoping for, but oh well. Peter then took me to a Greek/Mediteranian Restaurant Mykonos.
It was so good! I absolutely love Greek food and Peter was cute enough to find this place and take me.

- Here is a picture of my handsome husband being a goober.
- After dinner and a movie on Valentines Day I surprised Peter with homemade Chocolate Molten Cake. To my surprise it actually turned out and was soooo good. We ate our dessert in from of the fire and then watched our favorite show West Wing.
-One thing I was reminded of this week is the power of brotherly love. Peter's sister Kim was upset after her basketball game on Friday and really didn't want to talk to anyone. Peter just went over and told her he loved her and then they hugged eachother for the longest time. It's often after bad games that Peter is the only one she wants to talk to. I don't know what it is about their relationship, but she trusts him and values his feedback. And even though Peter is the biggest teaser and jokester with his sisters, when it comes to Kim being upset, he instantly softens and shows her his love and encourages her. You'd think he was bipolar if you listen to how angry and frustrated he gets during the games at the Refs, but then after the games he turns into this very loving brother full of encouragement for his sister. I guess it's not too strange since both forms of emotion during and after the game are forms of love and protectiveness for his sister. Anyway, it's cute.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kabob Palace

I found this picture today and thought I better give a shout out to the famous and absolutely amazing Kabob Palace. This is a place in Pentagon City (where I used to live out here) that is a little whole in the wall of a place, but has absolutely amazing food. I went there often in my single days when I lived near it. It's open 24 hours and has the best kabobs, chickpeas, rice, naan, etc. Everything is good and so full of flavor. The fellow diners are usually very interesting and I don't always feel the safest there late at night, but I don't care because it's so good and so part of the experience of going there. When my family was in town over the holidays I had to take them and it was a huge hit. It was kind of funny because at the end of the week after many dining and tourist experiences we were recapping our favorite events of the week and Kabob Palace was by far the favorite dining place of most everyones. I'm serious, it's that good!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Weekend

This last weekend was pretty relaxing and fun. Peter generally has to study a lot on the weekends, but since he doesn't have a test this week, we were able to just have fun. On Friday we came home from work, ate dinner and then went to see the matinee of Taken.
It's such a good movie. There is a lot of suspense, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I love movies like that, scary and suspenseful at the same time. After that we went to Kim's basketball game. It's always fun going to high school games and cheering on family. They didn't pull out a victory, but they did much better than their previous game against this opponent. Ice cream at the Bell's never hurt anyone either. Oh, and we got to meet Katie's special friend which was great too. What happened to boys having cooties?
Saturday I slept in while Peter played church b-ball. Apparently some of the wives go to support their husbands, but I wasn't really feeling it at 8 am. Not sure if I would feel it at another time either, but oh well. I went to a baby shower of a friend and realized I am clueless. My friend Dannii and I, both of us don't have children nor are we pregnant, sat together and tried to figure out what most of the gifts were and what they were used for. I had no idea what boppy's were or that humidifiers in baby rooms are a necessity.
That night we ended up playing games with a bunch of couples at a friends house. I'm sorry to say that Peter and I got worked at Cranium. It was seriously embarrassing and we both were getting irritated by how poorly we were playing and how hard some of our questions were. It's nice though to finally be making some new friends in our ward, and so nice to have the time to actually do something with them.

This is Dannii being a puppet for Meg. We were all dying laughing, we obviously didn't capture the hilarity of the moment with this picture. Oh well.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I have a problem with the cheerleaders out here

Since Peter and I attend our fair share of high school sporting events out here, thanks to his sister Kim, I've also seen several different cheer leading squads. I've noticed a trend out here that there are lots of cheers geared around the school colors and I'll be honest, it's starting to bother me. I didn't come to cheer about the team colors, I came to cheer on a team. Here is an example of a half time cheer, with stunts and everything, that Kim's high school cheerleaders did on Saturday.

Give me a White. White.
Give me a Blue. Blue.
Put them together and what do you have?
GO White and Blue!

What kind of a cheer is that?! There is no mention to the high school or the mascot, the Falcon. No reference to the team or a victory. Even Offense or Defense. Now I realize I'm silly for even noticing, but I can't help it! Seriously, why are their cheers about the colors of the team? Why not cheer for the actual team, or school, or mascot or anything? I'd just like to hear a normal cheer that's all. Maybe I'll have to teach how we did it at TPHS. Haha.

And as a side note, the teams colors are orange, blue and white. They even forgot one of the major colors!