Friday, February 6, 2015

Christmas Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks before Christmas we attempted to have some photos taken of the children. As you can see the photo shoot didn't turn out perfectly, but there are definitely some good ones that need to be shared.
This was the first shot of the day. Both boys lost it immediately and it was hard to get it back (even with marshmallows as a bribe)

Carder Boy

I love the smerk Cruz has on his face with a marshmallow hanging out. So him!

Classic picture. Cruz is grumpy in the back, Carder is so excited, Taylor is being cute, and Ivan is happy, This picture cracks me up everytime!

Also classic, Taylor shushing Ivan, Carder being ridiculously cute, and Cruz being moody again. I think Ivan had had enough picture taking at this point because he had already taken pictures with his family before this. 

the kids love baby Derek

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Other random cuties

Since I have not done a good job posting the last six months of our lives, here are some more random photos that are just too cute no to share.
Peter and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas (without the kids). So nice!

Naughty Aunt Heather taking pictures of the kids during church, but who can blame her, they are so cute!

Mr. Cool Carder

Halie taught Cruz the art of selfies and he is really into them now.

I don't even know what to say about this one!

Taylor feeding Carder Grandma Bell's famous fried rice

Cutest little girls I know! Taylor and her cousin Ellie

Cruz was terrified of the demolition derby we went to in Utah, until we gave him some headphones. A few minutes after this photo he started enjoying himself. ha ha.

Texas Pride Restaurant

Aunt Katie came to visit before she left on her mission. The kids love this aunt of theirs so much!
Cruz and Katie

Taylor and Katie

We love cheese sticks!

another selfie of Halie and Cruz

Ellie loved the demolition derby

Easter with both Grandma Greens

Carder and Katie (one of my all time favorite pictures)

Carder playing dress up

look at the face!

lunch at Daddy's work

Carder all ready for church and too sleepy to make it out to the car

Gave Taylor a granola bar to buy me some time to look around Target. I still don't know how she made such a mess! Her brothers were not dirty at all.

Swimming with cousin Ivan

Ice Cream!

We all scream for Ice Cream!

lots of visits to SeaWorld this summer

We got a new stroller! As you can see the kids love it. ha ha. 

My cute girl asked me to take pictures of her. She is just too cute!

Sweaty Bell Boy

4th of July cupcakes

Tay Tay got her shirt caught on her head and was not happy about it. 

This is the perfect picture of my Cruzer boy. He loves lining things up (the fish), I mean anything and everything. And he loves his binkie and teddy.

Free Chick Fil A day

4 wheeling with Uncle Shwa. He doesn't look excited in this picture but he (and his brother and sister) screamed when they had to get off.