Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dance Party

My kids love a good dance party. For some reason they enjoy them even better with their clothes off! It's almost instantly once the music is playing that they request their shirts off. I love to see their sweet moves and they definitely egg each other on. Here are a few pictures from our dance party last week.
 Carder getting his groove on with his pants on his head.

The boys trying to do the splits

Cute little Tayzor Cakers

Christmas Vacation

We headed out to California for Christmas this year. The kids and I went the week before to spend the week with Peter's parents. We had a great time going to the beach, playing with Grandma's toys, seeing the Newport Harbor Christmas lights, etc, etc. Peter joined us on Saturday for a pre-Christmas celebration. Then on Sunday we drove down to San Diego to spend the week with my family and Peter's parents headed out to Japan to visit Tommy's family.

In San Diego we stayed at the beach house in Del Mar that we used to live in back when we lived there. It was so cool to be back at the old house and evener cooler to get to spend the week on the beach (thanks Mom and Dad!). The weather was in the 70's almost all week, so we really lucked out. We played in the sand, the kids loved walking into the water. We celebrated Christmas together and loved getting to spend time with my family. Peter and I were party poopers the whole time though because our kids were sick, weren't sleeping well, and didn't adjust to the different time zone. So by 7 pm each night, we were exhausted. We also got to meet my brother and his wife's new baby, Ellie. That was definitely the highlight for me. She is adorable!
Carder, Taylor, Cruz
Huntington Beach, CA
December 2013

Taylor watching a show. I couldn't resist posting this; her face is so perfectly cute.

Watching a movie with Aunt Kathy

Carder was obsessed with Grandma's cars! He would collect them up and then go line them up perfectly. He would have done this all day long if we let him.

Cruz playing with his new puzzle with Aunt Kathy

Carder napping
(I never get sleeping picture of my kids, but they are so cute.)



Cruz playing with the sand toys

Aunt Karee made giant bubbles for the kids to chase around.

Taylor was in love with her cousin Lucy all week!

Carder making crafts with everyone. He was really into it.

Daddy and Taylor

Cute little Ellie in her swimsuit

Cruz was trying to share his toys with little Ellie

Taylor was really animated this Christmas, it was so cute! She loved the stroller she got from her Auntie and cousins. 

I wish I would have had a video of Taylor as they opened up their Elmo toy. She giggled, cheered, stomped her feet, and clapped the entire time. 

As you can see, she is in love!

Carder lining his new cars up on the window.

Lucy helping Taylor get her dress up outfit on.

Dress up clothes, stroller, purse, and Elmo. What else could a girl want in life?!


Kids ate most of their meals on the front porch enjoying the waves in the background. It was a beautiful view everyday.

In addition to the sand, the kids loved playing with the pots and pans. That's little Ellie on the right getting in on the action.

Daddy loves his Tayze

acting out the Christmas story

Christmas Jammies for all the cousins!
kids first slurpee run!

From November to Christmas

My blogging has been really bad lately, sorry. I just have a hard time finding the motivation. We went on a very fun trip for Christmas, so I'll blog about that separately, but here is what we did before.
Lots of Costco trips! We go through so much milk, it's ridiculous, so we go there often. The kids love getting lunch and churros there!

Carder mid-bite
love this one of Tay

Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving morning. It was really cold that day!

Our Thanksgiving Craft

We have all been sick several times over the last few months. We've had lots of cuddle times and watched lots of movies. 

Our mini Christmas tree this year. The kids loved it.

I love this little picture of Taylor's ponytail.

Guess who got to the mail?!

I got a new mixer for Christmas and I love it!

Kids at church Christmas Party

Cruz kept his Shepard outfit on the entire time. It was so cute!
Visiting Santa at the YMCA. Taylor was not a fan.

They were all fans of the free cookies they got after though.