Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Peter with his boys on Father's Day. We love Peter and we are so grateful for all he does for us. We are also very grateful for our fathers who have taught us and loved us so much. They are the best Grandpa's to our kids!

Cell Phone Picture Recap of last few months

I usually capture the best pictures on my phone throughout the day with the kids. Here are a few of our favorites:

Wrestling Brothers

He gets so excited when he gets to be up on the couch.


Manly Cruzer

Carder practicing his climbing skills

Just shopping at Target

new table where were we have our snacks now

crawling up the stairs has begun! saggy diaper is just an added cuteness

Cruz thinking he's pretty cool because he's on the other side of the gate.

Unfortunately our neighbors house caught on fire due to being hit by lightening. Everyone was safe inside. My kids loved the action on our street that morning. There were probably 6 firetrucks, plus a few police cars, ambulances, etc. We were getting ready for church when it happened. Only two of the three kids were dressed when I realized there was no way to get out of our street, so church wasn't an option.

We've checked out a few splash pads and the kids seem to enjoy them. Sometimes it takes some warming up to though.

Even though she looks said in this picture, she had the time of her life and was so brave.

Cuz Cuz

Carder eating his veggie straws. My kids love those!

Tay being sweet and eating her snacks.

A few seconds later Tay letting me know she was out of snacks.

Carder had a fever this day and just wanted to lay around. Cruz kept trying to lay on him to be near him  until I got him his own to lay in. 

The eating of the foam balls has started. I found this and all those pieces in Carders bed one night. 

Tay loves black beans!

Which sippy cup should I drink out of?

Cruz is very concerned as he watches the news one morning.

Cruz walked around with this on his head for awhile. He thought he was funny, so did Sissor.


Carder trying to get the hose. 

We got a little pool for the kids to enjoy in the yard. It's also turned into the bathtub.

Tay put this headband on all by herself. She would take it off and put it back on again and again, showing me each time because she was very proud of herself.


Some friends from church let us come over and play in their pool a few weeks ago. It was so fun to see how excited the kids get about different activities and people. They loved trying to get the fountain.

The Zoo

We got passes to the zoo this year and the kids have enjoyed looking around. I think they like looking at the people more than the actual animals, but it's still a good family activity. They love being able to get out of the stroller and walk around in the petting zoo part. I think they like the walking and being out of the stroller more than petting the animals, but it's cute!

Our California Trip

I believe I've mentioned this before, but haven't blogged about it. In March Peter had some time off so we took the kids to California for their birthday to celebrate with Grandpa and Grandma Bell. It was such a great trip for all of it. It was a nice break from regular life, the kids got to experience the beach, and lots of time was spent with family. My sister and her two girls were in down so we got to spend some time with them and I got to see my niece, Halie perform in her cheer competition. Marianne and Brad came to spend their spring break with us. And Aunt Katie even drove down for a surprise weekend to see all of us. It was so fun and carefree (well as carefree as a trip with three 1 year olds can be). Peter's parents were so generous with their home, time, party planning skills,  and taking us to do all the fun things. It's beautiful in Huntington Beach, we really enjoyed our time there. Here are some cute pictures:
Making formula in the popcorn bucket. So fitting for Peter!

Taylor loved the water and the waves. It was unreal. Check out the video of her on Grandpa and Grandma Bell's blog.

Carder Boy

The boys didn't love the water, but they did enjoy the sand and the ocean breeze.

sandy little feetzys

Grandma and two of her boys

We even got to see my Grandpa Hutchins a couple of times since he's close by in San Diego.