Saturday, December 29, 2012

December and Aunt Kim's Wedding

After celebrating Uncle Jeff's birthday and getting the house ready for Christmas, we headed out to Utah for Aunt Kim's wedding.

I don't have any pictures of the gorgeous bride, but gorgeous she was (and is). We were so grateful to be able to spend her special day with her and we're excited to get to know Uncle Andrew. We flew out with Jeff, Kathy and Ivan on the late flight. Four adults and four kids, is a pretty funny site. Needless to say, our rows were the last ones filled each flight.

After the wedding festivities, we stayed in Utah for another week to play with the Bell and Green side of the family. It was so great to be with everyone and have so many people playing with and adoring my children. Peter unfortunately had to go back right away.

Carder and Mommy

happy Cruzer
boys with Uncle Josh

too cute

cousins Elle and Ray came up to see the babes
beautiful Aunt Karee and Tay Tay and the wedding

Marianne and Katie

Uncle Brad and Cruzer

cutest face

saying goodbye to the Bells (poor Tay was sick that day)

the boys and G'pa Green

playing with Uncle Shwa

Taylor in her usual legs up and kicking position

Great G'ma Green came to play with the babes

happy babies

Aunt Karee reading to the boys

Cruz talking

Tazor Cakers

Carder (i think) getting ready to play outside

sledding with Mommy

i think they were a little too young to enjoy sledding

playing in cool car


opening presents

Cuz was excited about his fishy
they loved the wrapping paper as much as their presents

G'ma Green and Tay

so excited about sledding
Cruz and his faces

Carder Boy

Cruz could not believe it

waiting outside the temple for Aunt Kim and Uncle Andrew


We had lots of visitors the month of November, it was the month-o-fun. Come to think of it, it started the end of October. My Mom came out to surprise me and watch the kids for two days so Peter and I could go celebrate my birthday with a little get away to Corpus Christi.Then my sister came for a long weekend. It was so fun to spend time with her. She adores my children and spoils them, so that's fun for me too. Then my Dad came out for another visit and was so helpful taking care of the kids.

For Thanksgiving this year the Bell family came out to celebrate with us and to meet Jeff and Kathy's new addition, baby Ivan. It was great to have everyone here. Lots of eating, playing games, adoring Ivan, and rolling around with kids was what we spent our time on. Also, Grandma Bell saved the day and made bumper pads for the kids new cribs. They are so adorable and we're so grateful for her sewing skills!

Carder and Cruz 

Taylor watching G'ma play games on phone

Tay Tay being Tay Tay

Baby's First Thanksgiving

Taylor watching G'ma cook

wagon ride around the neighborhood

with G'pa and G'ma, Uncle Jeff, and cousin Ivan

Cruzer trying to get a sip of Mom's diet coke

Taylor modeling new big from G'ma that matches Mommy's apron

Carder and G'ma surfing the web

Carder and Cruz in cool shirts from Aunt Heather

happy babies

Cruz just couldn't make it all the way through the whole wagon ride

Dear Cruz

How is it possible that we have been so lucky to be your parents for 9 months now. You have grown up so much since our 4 lb. baby in the NICU.

- More than the others, you love to eat! You probably wouldn't stop if I didn't make you. You love all bottles, baby food, etc. You get very upset when you've woken up and we haven't given you your bottle fast enough. You cry in between almost every bite because you can't believe that I would try to feed your brother and sister at the same time and not just focus only on feeding you. You open your mouth and shake your head until it's your turn again. Your favorite would have to be the new sweet potato puffs we got. I think you might be obsessed. It's pretty funny to watch you.
- You open your mouth big and wide when you smile and it's adorable. You love to show off your two teeth.
- It's undeniable, your hair is out of control. No matter what I do, that back of your hair sticks straight up and cannot be tamed.
- You too are moving pretty good these days.
- Unfortunately you love to steal from your sister too. What is it with you two?
- You are very easy to tickle and your Mom loves to tickle you every single day. Your laugh is absolutely contagious!
- You love your toys, especially the basketball hoop your Grandpa Green got you.
- Sometimes I think you're just going to start walking on me, you stand up so good and it's amazing how strong you are. You definitely got the strong Bell thighs.
- Your eyes are big and a blueish grey. They melt your mother.
- You've got great facial expressions always and right now you're shaking your head at your mom and it's so cute!
- You are very sweet and have started talking a lot lately. We can't wait to know what you're thinking.

We love you Cuz, Cuz. We can't tell you how much we love being with you, watching you grow, and hearing your laugh.

Love, Mom and Dad

Dear Carder

You turned 9 months too last week. We're so happy you're apart of our family. It's been so fun to be your parents and watch you grow and enjoying you. Here are a few things about you:

- You love to smile and giggle. One of the ways we can tell you apart from your brother is that when you smile you have the cutest cheeks I've ever seen. You giggle at just about anything and sometimes during church you'll just start giggling and it's so cute I don't even try to stop it.
- You are easy to tickle and playing with your foam giraffe always makes you laugh.
- At the moment your favorite toy is the spring door stopper-thing in the play room. It entertains you for a long time.
- I can say without hesitation that you love to eat. You get very angry when I give a bite to your brother and sister. You sit there with your mouth wide open waiting for the next bite. I don't know how much you weigh, but you're heavy. You're already wearing 18 month clothes!
- You have a very sweet and peaceful demeanor. And I promise, you could not be more handsome. It's ridiculous how cute you are!
- To calm yourself you suck your pointer finger and your middle finger on your left hand. Thank goodness for that. You are a great sleeper!
- Until yesterday you showed no desire to crawl around. You're just starting to scoot. You probably learned that to survive around your brother and sister and get the toys that you want, you better learn how to get there first.
- Mom loves it how you try to give her slobbery kisses.
- Your bottom two teeth have come in and they could not be cuter. You think it's funny to shake your head and try to eat everything in site.

We can't imagine life without you Carder. You are so sweet and make everyone around you happy. We love our Carder Boy.

Love, Mom and Dad

Dear Taylor

On December 25, 2012 you turned 9 months old. I cannot even believe that you are that old already. I am constantly amazed by you so I wanted to write a few things down about you so we could all remember.

- You are my wild child. You are constantly moving, kicking your legs, trying to eat your toes, scooting to the next toy, diving off our laps to see something new. It's hilarious and exhausting at the same time!
- You are almost always happy. When we wake you up in the morning you give us the biggest smile with a wiggle and some kicks. It's adorable!
- You've been sleeping through the night for a long time now and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.
- You have the most beautiful blue eyes that seem to attract everyone's attention.
- Each week you seem to have a new trick. Currently you're rolling your tongue and clicking it in your mouth.   You also love to blow bubbles, shake your head, and sway whenever music is on.
- So far you are the most mobile. I would describe your crawl as a army crawl/swim stroke. It's pretty funny to watch. You should definitely ask to see videos of it when you're older.
- In addition to being the most mobile you like to steal toys from your brothers. You've gotten pretty good at it to. You learned that if you just take it away and lay next to them they will try to steal it back so you now do the steal and roll over move. Very good honey. But could you please stop stealing Cruz's binkie, you don't even like them.
- I think your favorite food is sweet potatoes, you don't love peas. Your favorite toy is Mom's cell phone and you'll do whatever it takes to get to the ipad when it's out. You're wearing 12 month clothes now and looking adorable in anything you wear.

There is so much more I could say. You are a joy to be around and we're so happy you are part of our family. Thanks for being our Tay Tay. We love you.

Love, Mom and Dad

Merry Christmas

Love, The Bells