Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Halloween is so fun when you have kids! Even though ours aren't old enough to get it yet or enjoy the candy, we loved getting them dressed up. I just couldn't resist. Cruz was a lion, Carder a Tiger, and Taylor was an elephant. We took them to a church activity one night and then around the neighborhood on Halloween. I still get the biggest grin on my face when I look at these pictures. 
Bell Triplets with Brill Triplets

Don't worry they can't get the wrapper open! Yet.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We've just being hanging out and the kids have been growing up the last few months. They are 7 months old now and so fun. They have teeth, are eating baby food, rolling over all the time, sleeping through the night, giggling and smiling, and are so much fun. We're loving being their parents and watching them grow up. Here are some random pictures of them over the last couple of months. 
Carder and his Dad taking a little nap

Taylor Kay with her new pink football from Dad

Carder watching Conference

Our kids are spitter-uppers so we're always reaching for a burp cloth, Peter found the perfect place for Taylor's one Sunday.

practicing sitting up

sitting in big girl and boy chairs to eat rice cereal

Brother and Sister
they're just starting to interact with each other

cute Tazor Cakers

Cruz in big boy wagon G'pa Green bought for him

cutest sweatshirt and girl EVER!

happy kids
Carder- Taylor- Cruz

sleeping cuteness

leg warmers and carrots

Uncle Brad and Aunt Marianne came to visit

Gpa Green came to visit

no that it not rice cereal!

Go Cougars

The kids are already taking after their Daddy and becoming serious BYU Cougar fans. Thanks to their Grandparents they have cute outfits (and hats courtesy of Erin) to cheer them on in every week.