Friday, September 14, 2012

Phone Favorites

I don't always have time to get to my camera and it's easy to send picture via my phone, so many of my pictures are taken on my phone. There are so many cute ones that I have to share them.

Peter found me and the boys taking a nap one day
All 3 hanging out together
Taylor looking like she was giggling
Carder fell asleep sitting up
Cute Bunsies
Tay Tay's cute face
Puma and Air Jordan outfits from Aunt Marianne and Uncle Brad
One day at the pool I noticed the stroller was moving a lot so I went to peak what was going on and Carder's towel hood had slipped down and covered his face. Too funny!
First smile picture of our Guy Smiley, Carder
Cousin Aly with Cruz
Boys in Ralph Lauren

Grandpa Green

Taylor's favorite, Cousin Lucy

Sleeping Taylor after exhausting pool day

The little birdie on the chair sings a song when you pull on the ring. We noticed one day that the song kept going on so I sat down to try and see how that was happening and I caught Taylor pulling the ring herself. She couldn't reach it with her hands so she would get it between her toes and pull it down. I couldn't believe it, but I've got proof.

Taylor with Daddy at her eye appointment

My babies in their crab outfits

Cruz smiling. Mornings are so fun when one of them is up and you get to play with them just the two of you. 

Taylor in one of her many BYU outfits sitting big on the chair

Taylor a few minutes later. I'd turned to do something else and then heard her yelling. She had fallen over on the chair and her headband was covering her eyes. Yes, I took a picture before I helped her. I had to! I love that she's kicking her chubby little leg like that will help.

I have a crush on him! (it's Carder)

Curious Cruz

Cute Brothers
"Hop on Pop"

Cutest face ever

Carder with the cutest smile and Cruz doing his modeling pose. Love these two!

Taylor Cakers

The boys looking at each other.
What's your favorite?

Since we've been home

Since we've been home from Utah summer has officially ended. We've just been hanging out with the babies. Peter has been busy with work and I've been trying to keep up with these three. It's getting so fun watching them smile and giggle and talk to each other. I love being their mom.

 I love on Saturday mornings (when Peter doesn't work) bringing them into our bed to hang out together. Here is Carder being extra smiley.

This Scorpion stung Peter! I guess that's what you get when you live in Texas. Luckily this kind is not deadly. Don't worry, I still called pest control the next day to come and spray again.

Peter feeding both boys at once. I don't remember why he was making that face; probably because I was taking a picture and not helping. It's a cute picture though and a little glimpse into our life that I HAD to capture.

Taylor LOVES her Daddy!

Taylor got to try some rice cereal too. She didn't love it much this particular day, but yesterday I fed her some again and she did really well. I'm excited for my babies to eat it because I can't seem to get Cruz to be full, EVER.

I turned my head and when I turned back around Taylor (at least I think that's Taylor) had gotten herself stuck under her blanket.

And football season has officially begun. That means cheering on the BYU Cougars each week. Here are some pictures of the first game day of the season. Outfits provided by very proud alumni grandparents on both sides

Peter and Taylor

Aunt Marianne and Cruz
 (don't tell anyone that I just had to zoom in on that picture so I could tell which child of mine that is)


Dad thought it was fun to put Taylor on top of her brothers, as you can tell they all loved it also.
Pre-game nap

Grandma Bell bought these shirts for the boys that say "Hop on Pop" (from the Dr. Seuss book) since their Dad loves to play and wrestle with them. Here is Carder and his Dad playing together.

I couldn't resist posting these pictures of cute little Cruzer's face.