Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Years

Peter and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday. Since we're in Utah this week, we decided to celebrate in style. We headed to The Roof in Salt Lake for a fancy, romantic meal. It was so relaxing and the creme brulee with fresh strawberries on top was ridiculous. I loved being able to overlook the temple where we were married while we ate. I am one happy girl to be married to Peter. Without getting too mushy, I will just say...... I am luckier today than I originally thought I was two years ago. Love him!

Monday, June 21, 2010

And we're off.......

Our lives have been a little crazy the last little while, here is what we've been up to:

June 11- Peter took his first licensing test, which he had been studying for for a month.

June 12- We moved out of our home and put all of our stuff at Peter's parents to store for the next year. Sad day, I really love our place.

June 16- We spent the day in the city checking out the Newseum. This museum is so incredible. They have parts of the Berlin Wall and the satellite tower that was on top of one of the Twin Towers. There is way too much for me to continue on, but you should go!

June 18- We drove from Virginia to Nashville, TN. We spent the evening with cousins Brooke and Trent. They showed us a great time in this gorgeous, charming city. I definitely want to go back. And they gave us a place to sleep, which was so needed since we had driven all day.

June 19- We finished driving through TN. Drove through the entire State of Arkansas and ended up in Houston, TX. We had the most amazing meal at Papasitos (a Tex Mex place) with Aunt Donna, Uncle Greg and cousin Emily. I had shrimp and chicken fajitas with a spicy pineapple butter sauce. Ya!
June 20- We awoke at 4:30am in time to catch our flight to Utah. We surprised my Dad for Fathers Day and had so much fun hanging out with my family and relaxing.

This week I'll be working in Salt Lake through Thursday. Peter will get some time to play with his siblings and friends. Then on Sunday we'll head back to Texas, drive to San Antonio, and then Peter starts his first rotation on Monday. Our lives are exciting right now to say the least. I think we're both a little tired, but so grateful to be together.

Virginia Beach

A few weeks ago, Corie, Carolyn, and I headed to Virginia Beach for a short vacation. It was nice to get away from the boys constant studying and into the sun. We spent the first day on the beach, introducing Carolyn to all of the fun the beach has to offer. We got some good color and then walked down the boardwalk to check it out. The next day we were treated to a show at the planetarium by Corie's Uncle. Time hanging out with Carolyn and Corie is always fun. Enjoy the pictures of the way too cute Carolyn.

Neighbor of the Month

My darling husband just received an award from ParcReston (our complex) Association for being the neighbor of the month. That's right folks! During the crazy winter storms we had Peter spent hours and hours digging out people in our neighborhood. The snow was so out of control that it was really difficult for anyone to get out. Peter, being the strongly, manly man he is, just jumped in and helped anyone who looked like they might need it. He's the best!