Saturday, May 12, 2012

1 Month Old

 The babes are getting older! I just can't believe how much they are growing and changing all of the time. Their faces are getting chubbier and they've outgrown their preemie diapers already.

Taylor is our chill baby. She is usually really relaxed and she's a great sleeper. She is constantly puckering her big lips and stretching her arms above her head. She looks like she's posing for a picture at all times. She has gorgeous blue eyes and adorable chubby cheeks. She dribbles milk down her chin and soaks a burp rag almost every feed.

Carder is growing so much and doesn't look like a premature baby anymore. He grunts and makes billy goat noises all of the time. It's actually really funny, but also really embarrassing when you're in church. He has a very dramatic cough that makes his parents laugh every time. He's very alert and cuddly.

Cruz is our mover. He likes to kick himself out of his chair, wiggle his way under the couch, and stand on your stomach when you're trying to burp him. He's got the cutest (well along with his siblings) blue eyes and baby sweet face. He loves having something soft up against his face and screams beyond loud when he's hungry. He gets so excited when he eats that he forgets to breath.

These kids are so funny and we are loving being able to be with them and watch them grow. They are eating every 3-4 hours and so it feels like we are feeding them all of the time. Luckily they are sleeping a lot during the day so we're able to get some breaks.