Friday, July 19, 2013

First Ponytail

Just a few weeks ago we decided to try out a ponytail on little Ms. Taylor. It was so cute I could hardly even stand it.

So of course I needed to try it on Carder

And on Cruz

Actually the boys hair is longer so Cruz won the prize for having the best one. His Dad was not very excited about it when he got home though, they were taken out of the boys hair immediately. ha ha.

Here's a picture from the next Sunday with Taylor's second ponytail. Her cuteness kills me! And so do the boys with their ties!

don't mind Cruz pushing Carder, that's normal around here

Tay brushed her head up against the bench at church and her ponytail fell out and created this cute hairstyle. This picture does not do it justice, it had some major lift. My Mom and I were laughing out loud it was so funny.