Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Months Old and Moving

The babies turned two months old just before we moved so we made sure to get their two month doctors appointment done. They passed with flying colors! They are very healthy and doing great. The boys were in the 70th percentile for adjusted weight and Taylor was in the 50th. Cruz passed Taylor up and now weighs more than her and Carder has made up lots of lost time, he was just barely lighter than Taylor.

The babies are growing up so much and we are loving every minute. Taylor is still super patient and chill all the time. She has the cutest baby face I've ever seen. Carder is sweet and a major grunter. Cruz is the wild eater of the family, he can't wait one minute to eat once he's awake. They are eating about every 3-4 hours. I remember in the NICU they were eating like 10cc's, and at two months they were eating about 100-120 cc's. We love these babies so much!

After the family left town we got the house ready, said our final goodbyes, and hit the road. Peter's work paid for us to drive to Texas and take our time, so that's what we did. We took 5 days to get to Texas, which made it bearable with the kids. We'd drive three hours, stop and feed them, then another three, and then stop at a hotel for the night. Poor Peter got stuck with the job of loading and unloading the car each day. It was a giant chore! We called him one trip Pete because he hates taking more than one trip, so he would do his best not to have to.

We arrived safely to Texas the end of May and are loving our new place. It's warm, but beautiful, everyone is so friendly, and we absolutely love having space and a garage! Peter is in training right now and officially starts his internship/residency on July 1st.

A Blessing

The Sunday after Peter's Graduation, the babies were blessed at church. They are given a name and a blessing in front of the church. It was such a great day! I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with how grateful I am for our little family.

The boys had darling shirts and ties, while Taylor wore the same dressing I wore when I was blessed as a baby. It was our last Sunday in Virginia so we celebrated with our friends and family. It was really sad to say goodbye to friends and realize we were leaving our life in Virginia.

My cousin Rachel bought the triplets these white blankets from Bethlehem when she was there on a study abroad. It was so special to have those blankets and the babies looked adorable and were plenty warm  as they were blessed. Thanks Ray!


Peter graduated from Medical School on May 19, 2012. I can't believe he is already done and officially can be called, "Dr. Bell". Someone called my phone a few weeks ago and asked if I was Dr. Bell's wife and it totally threw me off, I think I actually answered, "I think so". Peter has worked so hard during medical school and we are so proud of him, and so grateful for all the sacrifices he has made for our family.

The kids had special Dr. onsies for the event.

Both sets of Grandparents came into town to celebrate and we loved having them.

Peter and Josh Cragun

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cute Pictures of the Babes

So much has happened since our last post, here are some cute pictures of the babes to hold you over until I have time to post again.